Corporate Waterway
Pollution & Red Tide


Fighting Rising Housing Insurance &
Corporate Extortion

Even middle class Floridians are getting priced out of home ownership, because companies are allowed to run wild and charge whatever they want for Insurance costs. In a similar vein, corporations use inflation as an excuse to charge significantly more than the inflation rates, and pocket record profits. Floridians can't afford this cycle of increasing costs- and Florida is already the most expensive state in the country to live in. 30 years of corporate control is what created this situation, created by a legislature that is controlled by their donations. 

We solve this problem by passing legislation that puts limits on the rate that the cost for insurance, rent, and general goods can be increased by large corporations- which will in turn help the small businesses that are victimized by falling further down the profit chain. Companies that breach these rules and cheat Floridians must be prosecuted in a timely manner by the state attorney's office. 

New state matching campaign finance rules to encourage politicians to fundraise from citizens, as opposed to being dependent on "easy" corporate cash, will also limit their death-grip on the FL legislature. 

Restoring Home Rule: Letting Our Local Elected Officials Lead

“The best government -- is the government closest to home. A city is the best government for the people of that city. A county is the best government for the people of that county. This is a ribbon of common sense that runs through the very fabric of our system of governing. It is should be a rare and necessary occasion when power is taken from local government entirely and placed in the hands of a distant, disconnected governmental body.”


Janet testified in front of congress in 2005 about the importance of allowing our local governing bodies do their jobs. Since then, the issue has only become more dire. In the last five years alone, hundreds of bills have been filed by Republican lawmakers that seek to take power away from local elected officials. 

Recently, a bill was passed that could allow businesses to sue our cities for attempting to regulate them. This will make our cities hesitate to take action on businesses that threaten its population, economy, or environment, because it could lock them into a costly and lengthy legal battle. Other bills have been passed that prevent cities from being allowed to regulate water quality, city design, and even docking cruise ship size. Local elected officials are far more in tune with local issues than our representation in Tallahassee or DC, and Janet commits to always being available to assist city elected leaders solve local issues, regardless of party affiliation. 

Protecting Women's Healthcare & The Right to Choose

More Coming Soon!

In Florida last week, the Republican abortion restrictions resulted in a court holding that a child will now be forced to have a child.  The court held that she was too immature to make the decision to terminate the pregnancy. While that young girl’s life is certainly devastated, the Florida abortion ban is a devastating blow to all women of our state.  This is because the single most important factor for women's advancement in society is our ability to control our health and fertility. Without that, we are trapped by the realities and costs of pregnancy, childbirth and childrearing. These aspects of being female can turn into an unbearable burden when pregnancy is forced upon a female at the wrong time in their life.


Having my two children, at the right time in my life under the right circumstances was a wonderful gift. If I had been this young girl forced to have a child that neither my body nor my station in life could handle, I doubt that I would be living the happy, productive life I live today.

No one plans for an abortion. But the best way to prevent abortions is to prevent unwanted pregnancies: through sex education, improved distribution of birth control, and general empowerment of women to shape our own individual lives.


Women cannot sit on the sidelines of this important issue at a point in time when this human right is in peril. Please join me in voting to elect leaders with the humanity to see the unfairness and horror that is resulting from Florida’s abortion ban.

In St. Petersburg and the surrounding bay, our water is our greatest asset. From fishing to tourism, our economy revolves around this natural resources. Unfortunately, our state government has sold licenses to pollute these natural resources, and it's resulted in some of the worst fish kills and red tide in our states history, just in the last two years. 

Take Piney Point. The company our state paid, with taxpayer dollars, to contain the toxic wastewater from local mining, went defunct, and the state ignored continued reports that the reservoir was a high leak risk. Sure enough, the cheap plastic the company built the reservoir with, burst, and as a result we had horrific fish kills that closed our beaches for a lot of the summer. 

That's what happens when we have leadership that is more interested in making them and their friends profits than protecting their citizen's families and businesses.

We fix this by passing legislation that requires companies to legally and financially be responsible for the cleanup efforts- and allows legal prosecution of not just the companies that can default, but the individuals who get off scott-free to move to their next venture. The cost should not be on taxpayers to fix problems that hurt us, but are generated by greedy corporations.